winny Favorites

May 10, 2021, 11:34 p.m.
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Fave OS: Gentoo Linux.  It's super flexible and easy to configure for a specific use case.  It is easy to modify packages too in a controlled manageable way.  I deploy the same configuration across multiple hosts and ship binpkgs.  I do use Alpine or Debian where I don't need Gentoo's flexibility.  See my configs

Fave editor: Emacs.  It's super flexible and ala carte.  If I want some functionality I can either install it or write my own elisp code and run them right away.  The environment of the editor is the same as the programming system of the editor, so modifying it for my needs is as simple as evaluating some code as needed.  See my configuration

Fave Language:  I enjoy the heck out of writing Python and Racket.  Racket is basically Python but for Scheme/Lisp.  I enjoy learning new languages, with the last two being GNU Forth and Progress OpenEdge ABL.  See some cool code snippets from last Advent of Code in various languages:

Fave browser: I enjoy using Qutebrowser because it is simple, easy to script, and keyboard accelerated.  Sometimes things break but I rather have a browser form around my uses than my forming around what the web-shits tell me I should be doing.  I do enjoy *some* web dev, so I do fire up other browsers for testing.

Fave shell:  Bash with my own configuration.  I do enjoy mksh quite a bit too, but Bash is just easier to use for an interactive shell.  I use sensible bash and some other configuration managed into a directory of files that are sourced in order.  See here